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Once upon a time there lived a funky planet called… Uh… Planet Squishtopia.
Yeah, and on Planet Squishy lived trillions of cells called the Fabulous.
The Fabulous spent their days roaming Planet Squishy’s lush environments: The soft and warm rolling.. rolls.. The exotic, ever-growing Fields of Leg, and the Eardrum Auditorium, where The Fabulous could enjoy a listening of their planet’s Nation Anthem, “Twist and Shout”. Squishtopia was a vibrant and abundant place, full of mystery and fun things to squish. Until one day, a dark concept covered the land. The dark concept brought the longest winter known to Squishtopia and rendered it’s resources depleted under the thick delusion. What once nourished Squishtopia and The Fabulous was now toxic. A decade passed. The fabulous had enough and devised a plan: Let’s gain mass! If we amass an army of Fabulousness, we can out concept the dark concept! Thusly, the movement was born. The fabulous grew in numbers; they even broke Squishtopia’s body mass record! Twas a historic time, indeed. The Fabulousness movement became so massive it filled the atmosphere and “squished” out the dark concept with zesty grace. The concept of Fabulousness pervaded the land and replenished sacred chutzpah to Squishtopia’s core. Thanks to those brave cells, life on Plant Squishtopia continues to regrow to this very day.
Moral of the story is bodies are cool as hell, step away from bulimia and starvation concepts.

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So, got weighed at the docs. 153 pounds. Truth is, 7 months ago that would have occurred to me like years being added onto a prison sentence and would have sent me into a bulimic fit. Starving and throwing up has been my only way out of feeling utterly claustrophobic for more than 10 years now. However, that shit’s whack and I know it. I’ve been reprogramming myself with a dialog of patience and acceptance on the matter because I want to be free of this all-consuming, vapid bullshit. So yanno what, skinny, muscley, fat, whatever. #153daysofLush.

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Today is my awesome brother’s 23rd birthday. Holy shit moment. #mattgraves #siblings #chibiGraves

( ̄▼ ̄)

Relative solitude.

March’s green tea latte and graphic novel writing at Urth Caffe before work. I can dig this life. (at Urth Caffé)



5 hours of quantum physics on Tuesday, 2 1/2 of Japanese on Wednesday, and 3 hours of Chinese History tonight. Who says unschoolers are uneducated.

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Gotta stay motivated. #buthow #sleepy #whattheheckcomeafter6 #majorasmask

Double nose ring all the way across the sky